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Saliva hormone panel testing

For those concerned about hormone imbalances, food intolerance, or immune challenges, Natural Choices Health Center offers saliva panel testing from no. 1 diagnostic laboratory in the U.S. Saliva testing is far more accurate for hormones than blood work, as well as a convenient way to test what hormones are available to the body.

Safer nutrition and lifestyle choices can help you feel more like your old self!
At Natural Choices Health Center, we take care to provide our patients with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our Office is conveniently located in Springfield, Missouri.

We provide a variety of services including:

You have ample time to share your health challenges, concerns, and goals during your very first complete One hour and 15 Minute consultation.

Dr. Barbara Austin, ND, Dr. of Naturopathy, provides you an immediate personalized Action Plan so that you can take charge of your health. A doctor of naturopathy (means benefiting from nature) works with nature, including nutrition and lifestyle, so you can heal your own body.

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