Patient Endorsements

Endorsements of Barbara E. Austin, ND, Doctor of Naturopathy at Natural Choices Health Center:

“Dr. Austin is amazing! She helped me through a high stress period of my life that was doing large amounts of damage to my health. She took the time to explain to me what was happening why and how to correct it. Next year I turn 50 and I have more energy, sleep better and think better than I have my entire life!”
~Angie Reuter

“Dr. Austin has been a tremendous help in getting me through some health issues that I have been struggling with for quite some time. My “regular” doctor just wanted to put me on prescription meds instead of correcting the problem. I am extremely happy that Dr. Austin helped through my issues with natural products with no side effects. I would highly recommend Dr. Austin to anyone looking for alternative methods of treatment related to health issues.”
~Mary Pearson, Spring Mountain Air, B.N.I.

“Dr. Barbara Austin is one of the most compassionate Dr.’s of Naturopathy I’ve ever met. You will be very thrilled with results from her knowledge based care.”
~Kitty Law, Retired RN

“Dr. Barbara Austin has been such a help for me through holistic medicine. I had a horrible infection and was headed for the “regular” doctor for an antibiotic prescription when I thought I’d try a natural approach instead. Dr. Austin gave me great instructions, including what I needed to be taking, and the improvement was immediate without antibiotics. I was thrilled. Thank you Dr. Austin!”
~Janet Michel, Medical Benefits Group

“Dr. Austin is a kind, compassionate and knowledgeable professional. She is incredibly patient and understanding. Her knowledge is remarkable! I would highly recommend Barbara for your healthcare needs.”
~Kevin Baker, ClubZ!, Nixa Area Chamber of Commerce

“Dr. Barbara Austin is a great doctor for the whole family! I took my 18 year old daughter to get her hormones checked because she was having a lot of headaches. I knew that my daughter’s hormones were not right and my thoughts were correct! We talked about what her diet should be to help with her headaches and other things and it has improved my daughter’s headaches significantly! I have now had my hormones checked and I can’t wait till I get my test results so I can feel better, too!”
~Anjanette LaBellarte, Hammons Industries, Nixa Area Chamber of Commerce

“I have known Dr. Barbara Austin for 5 years, since we moved to the Springfield, Mo. Area. She has a heart and a passion for wanting and helping people to be healthy in all phases of their life, and works with the highest of integrity in whatever she does. I would recommend Dr. Barbara with all of my heart!”
~Georgia Stevens, Nerium, M.O.B.

“Dr. Austin has made a significant, positive impact on the quality of my life. Her knowledge, experience and compassion provided the means to change my deteriorating health conditions. Low energy levels, poor digestive, arthritis, loss of restful sleep, high toxicity, and poor eating habits were among the daily struggles I woke up to every day. Aside from the rapid improvement I experienced from her diagnosis, Dr. Austin has taken the time to inform me of the healthy choices I can make in the grocery store and restaurants. So it is not only did she show me the road to healthier living, but she showed me how to stay there! I have been so impressed that I have referred her to my family members, friends and clients. I am thankful she came into my life.”
~R. Coluccio