About Natural Choices Health Center

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This natural healthcare practice was founded by Dr. Barbara Austin, ND, after years of her own life experience, working in the natural health care field, and earning undergraduate as well as doctoral education for Doctor of Naturopathy. What we do is provide safer, natural, and affordable healthcare solutions personalized to you. Dr. Austin is passionate about helping you learn the tools to heal yourself. You will receive information about nutrition and lifestyle, digestion and dealing with toxins.

What sets Dr. Barbara Austin apart from others is that she is the one of the only female naturopaths practicing in Southwest Missouri. She has first hand life experiences as to the challenges a woman or man faces after years of spinning on the hamster wheel of diagnoses, procedures, and prescriptions for former chronic pain and severe health challenges. She overcame poor health herself with holistic natural health choices.

Natural Choices offers saliva hormone and immune challenge panel testing. Dr Austin may recommend nutritional support and whole food supplementation, that can be purchased wherever you choose. You receive an Action Plan on your first visit so you can immediately take charge of regaining your health.

Natural Choices Health Center is located centrally in Springfield, MO. There is no other practice quite like this in Southwest Missouri.


I believe the path to good health lies not on focusing just on symptoms, but seeking the underlying cause and providing the body what it needs.